emko spiedino hanglamp – geel – ø24 cm

Spiedino Pendant Lamp, 24cm diameter, yellow/brown


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by Whynot!

Spiedino — which in Italian means skewer — is a name chosen for the visual similarity of elements strung along a single axis. It also recalls the Italian vibe and tradition, famous for art, food, handicrafts, and design. The eye-catching Spiedino Pendant Lamp is, in fact, designed in Italy by Whynot design studio and is the result of a rhythmic game between simple yet balanced shapes. Crafted from high-quality materials — solid ash and fabric — Spiedino Lamp focuses not only on the aesthetics and beauty of the item but also on its sustainability and circularity. A playful and elegant Spiedino Lamp is versatile and suitable for each environment. It comes in two sizes and four colour palettes to choose from.

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Afmetingen24 × 24 × 15 cm
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